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4 Prayers For A Friend’s Welfare and Happiness

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Those who make prayer a regular part of their religious practice regularly give thanks to the Lord for their lives, prosperity, and continuing good health.

But the well-wishes of prayer aren’t exclusive to the person doing the praying. Many find it spiritually valuable to redirect positive prayer affirmations to the people they hold dearest — their friends. 

Praying for a friend’s welfare and happiness fosters a profound sense of love and connection in those who do it. It can deepen your relationship with your loved ones and symbolizes two of the most important aspects of the Christian faith — selflessness and service. 

So, join us as we recite some powerful prayers directed toward our most special friends, those who might benefit from a devotional in their time of need. 

Bible verses about friendship

Friends are a foundational part of our personal communities. 

As community members, we owe our friends nothing but goodwill and blessings so that we might help them along in life’s journey in times of hardship. 

Think of how many times your friends have noticed your anguish and proceeded to do everything they can to lift your spirits. They give of themselves so that you can be the best version of yourself again. 

The Bible seems to agree with these sentiments. Take this verse from Ecclesiastes for example:

“If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up,” Ecclesiastes 4:10.

We're reminded that friends form the basis of our emotional support systems, and those without friends are deserving of pity. Notice how they write it as “either of them falls,” too. Friendship goes both ways, and just as you need support, so too must you be supportive.

“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ,” Galatians 6:2.

Supporting hand holding between two friends

This doesn't mean simply shouldering the burden of your friends' professional, romantic, or familial problems yourself. It can be as simple as putting your head down and sending a daily prayer for that special friend during tough times.

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Prayers for a friend

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To aid your conversations with the Heavenly Father, we’ve put together a list of powerful prayers for healing, good health, welfare, and happiness for the wonderful friends in your life. 

Healing prayer for a friend

Recite this prayer for a sick friend who needs to experience the healing powers of the Holy Spirit. 

Dear Lord,

I ask that you direct your blessed spirit towards my friend, who is suffering with poor health. I know that there’s no sickness on this Earth which you don’t have the power to heal. We embrace your gift of life every day and send our deepest thanks. Please guide us towards the best treatment and most capable medical professionals. See to it that we get more days to express the principles of Christ, who saved us. 

In the name of Jesus, amen. 

Salvation prayer for a friend

Just because your friend doesn’t hold the same beliefs as you doesn't mean they shouldn't get to experience the loving embrace of our Lord. Speak this prayer so that they might see for themselves how the Christian faith can transform their lives.

Heavenly Father,

I hold a sincere belief that you are the artist of our creation, the grand designer of everything from the Heavens to the Earth. I want to express my gratitude for this gift of life, and indeed the life of my friend, who hasn’t yet experienced your grace. Please show them your infallible light so that they might be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, as they’ve shown themselves to be worthy of it. 


Marriage prayer for a friend

Marriage is a fundamental and sacred union within the Christian faith. Read this prayer for a friend who is about to make a marriage commitment, so that they can enjoy a strong and happy life together with their new spouse. 

Wedding rings atop a dictionary open to the marriage definition

O Lord,

My friends will soon make the lifelong commitment of marriage. Thank you for allowing them to find each other; their love is perfect. Please ensure that their union remains untroubled by quarrels, betrayal, or separation. Allow them to start a family to create greater love, and give them the strength to protect and provide a prosperous life. Bless their union, from now until death. 


Conflict prayer for a friend

Friendship isn’t always easy. Arguments can happen, and conflicts can arise. In these emotionally turbulent moments, instead of acting with anger, turn to this prayer. 

Almighty God,

I come to you with pain in my heart. My friend has been harsh and callous towards me, and it’s put me in great distress. At times, I worried I’d lose the grace that you’ve imparted so generously unto me. Despite the injustices, I invite you to treat them with kindness. Please heal their trauma so that I can once again experience the joys of their friendship. Show them that the world can be fair and good. Reflect onto them the humility they need to become better and don’t let me lose my hope in them. 


A best friend in God

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Friends are like the ocean. They come and go in waves throughout our lives but are always present, even if you can’t see them. New friendships arise; old friendships disappear. Sometimes friendship is calm and resolute. Sometimes it’s tumultuous and unpredictable. 

We must show thanks to our friends by being, in turn, the best friends that we can possibly be. Just like the love that the Lord Jesus Christ reflects onto us, so too must we reflect our love to our friends, even in difficult times. 

Remember, though, that one friend has been there from the start and will be forevermore. 

That friend is God. 

Keep Him in your hearts and minds just as you would any other friend, and reap the rewards of His love. 

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