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5 Best Family Calendars and How To Use Them

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There's no doubt that having a family calendar will make your life a lot easier.

Keeping all your appointments and family commitments in one place will guarantee that you know what to do every day, week, and month. To achieve this, you need the right tool for the job: a family calendar that will help you keep track of your family and stay organized.

In this article, we’ll discuss the five best family calendar apps and how to use them.

How to create a family calendar

It can be incredibly overwhelming to be a parent

Practices, recitals, birthday parties, and church activities will fill your family’s wall calendar quickly. If you add to that the many tasks and obligations that pop up each day, any parent can find themselves stuck in disorganization pretty quickly.

After all, the Bible states, “Know well the condition of your flocks, and give attention to your herds” (Proverbs 27:23).

Fortunately, our phones were designed to do more than just browse social media, take selfies, and make shopping lists. These days, organizer apps can make life a lot easier for moms and dads. Finding the right app can make a huge difference. 

When you use a shared family calendar on your iPhone or Android device, you can update grocery lists, chore charts, and meal planning in real-time so everyone in the family can see it. 

It's crucial to sit down and determine which factors cause most of your family's daily stress before choosing an app. Some may have difficulty finding where they should be on any given day, whereas others may find it hard to track who does certain chores that week. 

It's a great idea to discuss the issue during family prayer time so that everyone is on the same page. Family planners are also ideal for scheduling time for family prayer.

Getting your children involved in using a family organization app doesn't mean you have to wait until they're older. From an early age, many children begin to use smart gadgets for all kinds of different uses.

Learning to read enables kids to add to lists, mark off tasks, use family calendars, and more. By using calendar apps, you make family life that much easier.

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Family calendar ideas

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Most families are content with using a wall calendar, chalkboard, or whiteboard dry-erase calendar as a family planner. However, using a family calendar app can have many benefits, even if choosing the right one can be challenging. 

You can find all kinds of apps to sync your partner's workday schedule and your kids' activities. Here are a few of the best family group calendar apps.


By using this app, you'll be able to manage your time better. Its AI technology allows you to create a personalized calendar experience that will help you dedicate time to what matters most. 

The whole family will enjoy using the Calendar due to a couple of key features. With its analytics, you can track how much time you’re spending on tasks. So you can track whether you’re spending more time working than with your spouse or kids.

Furthermore, if you have family members living abroad, arranging a phone call can be difficult. The Calendar app allows you to arrange for a "meeting" whenever it's convenient for all parties, regardless of time zones.


The Cozi app keeps your whole family in the loop. 

This app makes it easy to coordinate everyone's schedule from one place, which is especially useful during the school year. Through color-coding, you can keep track of your appointments, tasks, and assignments for each member. This can also include child pick-up from school.

Also, you can collaborate and edit your to-do lists and menu plans simultaneously so that nothing is missed. 


This calendar system makes it easy to share your plans with those close to you. By creating an event schedule in a single calendar, you can easily organize your family's events. An organized family trip or church function would require a great deal of coordination. 

The venue needs to be appropriate, a date for the activity has to be set, and a list of things to bring must be organized. Whenever family members are busy, there's no time for a family gathering. 

Here's where TimeTree comes in handy. The chat feature allows every family member to talk about the events on the collaborative calendar and offer suggestions. An event can also be documented with photographs, allowing all users to create a lasting memory.


CloudCal is another family calendar app to consider. Do you ever feel as though you're running from task to task, not knowing when you'll get a breather? 

Apps like this can help you plan your day, keep track of the most important tasks in your life, and use time-management strategies to stay on top of everything. A colorful schedule tool helps you schedule your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks in different colors. 

The "magic circles" show you how busy you are on a given day and the best times for relaxation. With calendar sync, you'll never forget another family event again.

An online calendar on an iPad


As your children grow older, you'll have to teach them responsibility. With this app, you can keep an eye on your kids to ensure they’re doing their chores as required. 

Family tasks can be assigned, and daily household tasks can be organized. The app’s gamified approach encourages kids to do the right thing. The tasks can be allocated to family members according to a schedule. 

Track their progress, send reminders, or penalize them for not completing tasks. It includes a goal-setting feature so that your children will know what they are aiming for. All family members can access the family calendar and stay up-to-date on their responsibilities and activities.

Plan the future

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Regardless of which app you choose, consistency is essential to making it work for your family. 

The initial setup will be the most difficult part of using an app but keep at it. Even after using one for a few weeks, try another if it isn't doing much for you. Ultimately, it comes down to finding what works best for you and your family.

For more on family, download the app in the iOS App Store or Google Play

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