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When Is The Best Time For Meditation?

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Meditation is often a subject of debate among Christians. 

Meditation can help us develop inner strength, resilience, and love for God. However, even if we recognize the benefits of meditation, finding the time to meditate can be challenging.

If you're thinking of developing a spiritual meditation practice, you may be wondering what the best time would be to meditate.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of meditation and the best times to meditate. 

What is meditation?

To understand meditation, we need to first understand the term mindfulness.

Buddhist and Hindu traditions have all incorporated mindfulness exercises. Other secular practices, including non-religious meditation, also practice mindfulness. 

Meditation with mindfulness is considered a positive form by some people. Other people, however, believe it can negatively affect mental health and spirituality. 

The goal of mindfulness meditation is to deliberately focus your attention on the present moment. By clearing the thoughts, or clutter, from your mind, you don't let other thoughts distract you. 

a person sitting on a pier on the water and looking out at the mountains

In mindfulness meditation practices, the main goal is to help you remain in the present moment at all times. The idea is to become more self-aware. It’s a way to check in with yourself and can often be helpful for people with chronic illness or pain. 

In that moment, you pay attention to thoughts, feelings, and sensations without setting goals or becoming overly reactive. 

Misuse of mindfulness is possible, as with anything. However, it doesn’t necessarily contradict Christian beliefs. The important thing is to stick to Biblical principles when practicing mindfulness and approach it wisely.

In order for us to meditate properly, our minds and hearts must reflect on what our souls have absorbed through reading scripture. We need to read slowly, ponder, and humbly rely on what the Holy Spirit revealed to us through his word. 

This depends, of course, on the internal, empowering activity of the Holy Spirit. 

The Christian concept of meditation, therefore, refers to being mindfully attentive to God and His word.

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How to meditate

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Meditation is simpler than most people think.

While meditation isn’t a cure-all, it can certainly provide you with a sense of peace and openness. When we meditate, we receive countless benefits for both our physical and mental health. 

To practice meditation effectively, you'll need patience, loving kindness, and a comfortable place to sit. 

The easiest way to go about meditation is:

  1. Find a place to sit that feels calm and quiet to you.
  2. Set a time limit (if you’re just beginning, it can help to choose a short time, such as five or ten minutes).
  3. Do a quick body scan and see if you’re comfortable.
  4. Focus on your breathing and take deep breaths.
  5. Notice when your mind has wandered or focus on a verse from scripture.
  6. Make sure to be kind to your wandering mind.
  7. Close with a prayer.

Everyone meditates differently. What matters is that you get in the right headspace, prioritize worship, and do what makes you comfortable. 

Eastern meditation focuses on emptying the mind completely, whereas Christian meditation stresses filling the mind with God and His truths. The Bible doesn’t speak of the mind as being evil or unbecoming — it’s merely a channel through which God communicates with us. 

The Bible denounces intellectual pride, but it doesn't denounce the intellect itself. Our greatest need is humility, not ignorance.

When is the best time for meditation?

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One of the best things about meditation is that it can be practiced at any time. 

Some people practice walking meditation, while others schedule a specific time for a meditation session.

Meditation early in the morning or late at night can be helpful since these are quieter times of the day. Furthermore, these are also times that are generally less stressful. You most likely won't have phone calls or work to deal with. 

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Finding the right time to meditate is all about your daily routine. For instance, you may choose to meditate when your children are asleep or right before they wake up for school.

By meditating at the time that works best for you, you can incorporate meditation into your daily life and create a better sense of balance.

There are numerous health benefits to regular meditation. Meditation helps improve concentration, reduces stress levels, lowers blood pressure, and enhances the quality of sleep, to name a few. 

The benefits you may receive will be directly related to your commitment. This is why it's important to find a time that fits your lifestyle and that you can stick to. 

Meditation exercises

So what’s the best time to meditate — morning or evening? Although everyone can benefit from a daily meditation practice, meditation experts concur that the best time of day for meditation varies from one person to another. However, certain times of day tend to be the top choices. Here are two of them.

Daytime meditation

Meditation is often recommended for the morning since the mind is fresh and quiet. 

In the early hours of the morning, we're also less likely to drift off. When you're sleepy, a body scan can help keep you awake. Additionally, some people find that using a meditation app or meditation timer helps them stay focused.

Morning meditation sets the tone for the rest of the day, as it is a tranquil and productive way to start your morning. Several people choose to meditate before breakfast or even right before they leave for their day. 

To begin your day, meditate or pray on gratitude. 

When stressed or lugged around by responsibilities, beginners might have trouble finding time to meditate in the morning. Rather than committing to a full session, they may find it advantageous to sit with awareness for just a few conscious breaths.

Nighttime meditation

There isn’t a generally accepted consensus concerning whether evenings are the best time for meditation

During this time, some people can relax: work is done, kids are asleep, dogs are walked, and it's generally quieter at home. Meditation in the evening may be a good choice for you if you can remain alert, focused, and aware.

However, if you're contemplating meditation only because it seems to be sedative, you might want to reconsider. In mindfulness, the key word is "mindful." If you're falling asleep when meditating, you can't be mindful and aware. 

However, those whose main practice time is during the day can benefit from a short session before going to bed. Even when used in small doses, meditation teaches the body and soul that sometimes there's nothing wrong with simply letting things be. 

There are also plenty of people who pray at night, which can be a form of meditation. The time can be used to reflect on what happened that day and connect with God.

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Embrace the silence

Meditation can be the key to our transformation and wellness as individuals. 

Focusing on God's word and what He has in store for us changes our thinking. Our perspectives begin to change in response to these things.

As we experience change, we grow closer to God and better understand our identity in Christ. The earthly kingdom of God can be seen through it. As a result, it enables us to bring Jesus to the lives of others using a method that would satisfy God.

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