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Q: How were you introduced to


A: I was somewhat familiar with from the aspect of digital media and apps with programming because we deal with content creation and marketing within ICR's digital media department. One of’s representatives reached out to us about joining the platform, and it genuinely felt like a good fit. After learning more about, we saw that there was a lot of alignment between what the app has to offer and what we offer.


Q: Will ICR’s podcasts be on


A: All three of our podcasts are currently on as well as on our website and across major podcasting platforms. The new episodes will show up on the app every other week when they go live. In addition, every Saturday at 8:00 a.m. Central Time, we have a 30-minute block that airs the same content on radio. 


Q: How long have you been broadcasting so far? 


A: The Creation Podcast has been going on since August 2018. Starting January 2022, we began publishing the show in both audio and video formats. Listeners and viewers can expect content every other Tuesday. 


Q: How has impacted how many listeners you have?


A: We know has 12 million app downloads and that 1 to 2 million of those are active monthly users. So for us, we were very interested in those numbers. Right now we have 121.8 thousand followers on and that's from nothing of our own, that's just organic growth within the app. 


Q: Who hosts your podcast? 

A: ICR digital team members Trey Bowling, Ivana Beckworth, and Lauren Pennington are the main hosts, often including our science and speaking staff depending on the topic.


Q: Have you had any specific feedback from a listener who enjoyed your content on


A: We receive regular feedback from our YouTube channel and social media accounts. One follower found “peace of mind” from our content and shared this testimonial: “Words cannot express the appreciation we feel for an organization whose sole purpose is to help believers know God’s word can be trusted with everything it speaks about.”


Q: What are the themes that you talk about on the podcast?


A: We discuss how someone can be interested in both faith and science at the same time – that it's not religion versus science. What we are discovering through our scientific research actually confirms what we read in the Bible, starting in the book of Genesis. That's one of our main focus areas, the Scriptures found in Genesis chapters 1 through 11. We do cover other parts of the Bible, as well. Different topics we've discussed on the show include fossils, dinosaurs, geology, biology and adaptation, the Ice Age and more. We use topics like this to point listeners back to the belief in the Lord Jesus Christ as our Creator, Savior, and returning King.


Q: What would you say was the typical demographic of your audience prior to 


A: Previously ICR content has reached more men and also trended well with listeners over the age of 60, but with, our age bracket has expanded to reach more millennials. Within,  at least 70% of our audience is women. 


Q: Are there any upcoming topics that you're particularly excited about covering on the podcast?


A: One topic I’m particularly excited about is the miracle of life and life inside the womb. Our president Dr. Randy Guliuzza will be the subject matter expert in this episode. He is both a professional engineer and a medical doctor. He served in the Naval Corps of Engineers and with the Air Force as a flight surgeon, so he can specifically speak to design and biology, as well as human reproduction and pregnancy. 


Q: What is the best website to direct people to outside of 


A: Our main website is

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