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5 Powerful Prayers For Strength and Guidance During Difficult Times

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One of the great joys of the Christian faith is the sense of comfort that we can find in the Bible, in the grace of God, and in prayer. 

It’s inevitable that, throughout our life experiences, we will come to face times of extreme hardship, fear, anxiety, and grief

In these times, you can always rely on prayer and the words of Christ to ease your mind. 

In this article, we have gathered five essential prayers for you to fortify yourself with the power of the Holy Spirit in trying times.

Does prayer work?

You may sometimes wonder whether or not prayer is really worth it. Can God really hear us when we pray? Does God listen? And perhaps more importantly, does He respond to us when we do?

Well, the matter of whether God is really in control or not is a complicated one. 

We should remember what the Bible says about our Lord:

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear” (Psalm 46:1-2). 

When we are going through difficult times, He is the one who can provide us with strength and the one we should turn to in prayer. He will always be there to help us.

Women holding hands in distress

It’s also wise to look at prayer from a slightly different perspective than the format of simple ‘call and response.’

Prayer is not a matter of persuading God to do something, but rather a dialogue you have with yourself and the Holy Spirit in order to foster a sense of inner contentment and hope. It’s a kind of spiritual meditation on your innermost thoughts and feelings.  

And, indeed, prayer does have significant benefits for those who practice it. A study of people with depression showed that regular prayer leads to significant improvements in mental health conditions and overall levels of optimism. 

Prayer is an important feature of nearly every major religion and can even be seen in the form of meditation, affirmations, and journaling. 

So, don’t dismiss the power of prayer in your life, especially when you are struggling.

If you’re wondering how to even go about the act of prayer, we’ve put together a guide including the six most important principles. 

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Prayers for strength during difficult times

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To help you find the strength you need in difficult situations, we’ve gathered five powerful prayers that you can recite whenever you find some quiet time to yourself. 

Prayer for strength

Dear Lord Jesus Christ

I am experiencing times of great distress. I cannot presume to know why you have placed in front of me the challenges that I face, only that you wouldn’t have done so if I didn't have the will and the constitution to overcome them. 

I need you to fill me with the strength I require to face what’s ahead. I am grateful for the gifts you have bestowed upon me in life thus far, and as an expression of that gratitude, I will continue to obey your will so long as you continue to instill within me the power and grace of the Holy Spirit. 


Prayer for gratitude

Dear God

As I awake today, I smile at the rising sun. I refresh my body with plentiful water and food. I exercise my voice with which I speak, my legs with which I walk, and my thoughts with which I pray. 

For this, and everything else, I am thankful. 

In the name of Jesus,


Prayer for grief

O Lord

I speak to you with the heaviest heart, for I have lost someone dear to me. It has made taking part in the daily necessities of life almost unbearable. 

I know that no one understands the pain of loss as you do, so I pray that you can offer me an ounce of your strength as I navigate my deepest sorrows. Please show me that there is hope in tomorrow for myself and my loved ones and that the spirit of my beloved lives on in the Kingdom of Heaven. 


Prayer for faith

Father God

I must thank you Lord, for the ways in which you’ve challenged the steadfastness of my belief. I understand that without such challenges, you cannot appreciate the enduring nature of my faith. I will return to you as I do now in prayer and continue to witness and be thankful for the various ways in which you make yourself known in my life. 


Prayer for hope

Almighty Lord God

I pray that, in your infinite kindness and grace, you bestow hope and good faith amongst those who need it in this world. Shine your light upon the needy so they might overcome their troubles. Shine your light on me so that I might persevere through any hardship and continue to spread the word of the Gospel. 

In the Lord Jesus’ name,


Man raising his arms to the sun

Other spiritual practices for strength in times of hardship

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If prayer doesn’t feel comfortable for you just yet, there are other ways to get in tune with our Lord God and find the peace that He can offer us. 

Try one of the following activities, keeping in mind the principles of prayer as you do:

  • Performing a meditation practice
  • Taking long, slow walks through nature
  • Studying Bible verses
  • Visiting Church
  • Helping your local community

Strength in hard times through our Heavenly Father

“I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13).

God works in mysterious ways. While you shouldn't expect your troubles to dissolve at the mere recitation of a prayer, you should listen and see the ways in which God speaks to you as a result of your dialogue with Him.  

May the prayers we have offered you today bring you closer to your faith and instill in you the emotional clarity you need to overcome whatever you are facing in your time of need. 

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