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Business leaders recommend PRAY to support employee well-being while cultivating a more engaged organization through faith. Mental health and inclusion are making employer headlines for the wrong reasons. We’re here to help change that with a strong and growing partner base.

Give your employees unlimited access to the most extensive library of faith-based wellness content

PRAY delivers a private and secure experience designed for inclusion across all ages, life stages, and faith journeys with live and on demand programming through any device wherever they are.

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PRAY caters to your needs with dedicated account management, turnkey engagement resources, bespoke communications support, and faith-based consulting.

Unlock proprietary data and analytics

PRAY provides valuable insights so you can better understand your employees and inform your organization through custom assessment tools.

Create your own branded content with us

Collaborate to produce authentic content and publish through your dedicated PRAY channel to deepen employee engagement while also reaching millions of new users.

Faith-Based Wellness Impact

PRAY users report statistically significant improvements*


Reduce Stress and Anxiety


Improve Quality of Life


Sleep Better

*Based on survey data

Foster well-being while cultivating a more inclusive and engaged organization

PRAY delivers the most extensive library of faith-based wellness content on the planet

Daily Prayer encourages members to build a healthy prayer habit with Daily Prayers. Scientific studies have proven the psychological benefits prayer has on reducing anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Bedtime Bible Stories’s Bedtime Bible Stories have helped millions of people rest better, fall asleep faster, and wake up revitalized, so they can start the work day refreshed and rejuvenated.

Bible-based Meditations

Guided meditations and prayer programs are designed to help listeners find more calm and focus in just a few minutes. Let your employees start their day with a Bible-based meditation.

Bible-inspired content’s Bible Stories take members through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Anyone looking for a greater sense of purpose and inspiration has access to more than 250 audio stories.

Worship Music

Members will have access to our entire directory of relaxing worship music specifically composed to help your employees focus and unwind, or workout music curated to uplift and motivate.

Faith Podcasts

Your employees will have unlimited access to podcasts from their favorite pastors and thought leaders who inspire them. You can also create branded content specifically curated to address your organization's needs. for Parents

Parents will find hundreds of engaging and educational Kids Bible Stories read by famous Disney characters, which will keep their little ones entertained while learning the bible.

Daily Prayer

Build a healthy prayer habit and reap the psychological benefits proven by scientific studies.

Bedtime Bible Stories

Rest better, fall asleep faster, and wake up revitalized thanks to these stories.

Bible-inspired Content

Travel through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation for a greater sense of purpose.

Worship Music

Tune in for relaxing music composed to enhance focus and upbeat music curated to motivate.

Faith Podcasts

Enjoy unlimited access to your favorite pastors and thought leaders for inspiration and education.


Discover peace with guided programs designed to help quiet the noisy world around us.


Keep your little ones entertained while learning the bible with engaging and educational Kids Bible Stories read by famous movie characters.

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" I learned of this app and began to use it while I was going through a very rough time in my life. I was battling Breast Cancer and was very ill and drained most days... PRAY helped me push through on my weary days and reminded me of God’s promises. "


" Everything about the PRAY app is great. I wake up every morning and I can’t wait to see what scripture is next. It keeps me motivated during my stressful work day. "